The American Thunderbirds jet team

The highlight of the airshow during the second edition of Volaria will undoubtedly be the Thunderbirds team.

The demonstration of the six aircraft performs formation flying and solo routines. The four-ship Diamond formation showcases the precision and training of the US Air Force pilots, as well as the grace of the F-16. The two solos demonstrate the power and maximum capabilities of the powerful frontline fighter F-16 Fighting Falcon.

The Thunderbirds perform in front of people from all over the world to showcase the pride, precision, and professionalism that the US Air Force represents. Through aerial shows and flyovers, they aim to inspire. In addition to showcasing the elite skills that all pilots must possess, the Thunderbirds demonstrate the incredible capabilities of the Air Force’s premier multirole fighter aircraft, the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

The CF-18 Hornet Demonstration Team

The popular event of Canadian air shows since 1983, the CF-18 demonstration will continue to showcase the unmatched competence, professionalism, and teamwork that characterize the members of the RCAF, as well as inspire the aviators of tomorrow by presenting the capabilities of Canada’s frontline fighter.

Volaria is one of only 10 very fortunate air shows to have the presence of the CF-18 demonstration team for the 2023 season. 

The decision to limit aircraft demonstrations was made so that personnel and aircraft-related resources could prioritize activities in support of NORAD operations and exercises during this very busy operational period.

The Skyhawks

The Canadian Armed Forces parachute team, the SkyHawks, is the only military parachute demonstration team in Canada. Our 15 members come from the Canadian Army and the Canadian Rangers.

Since 1971, the SkyHawks have proudly represented Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces, performing in front of over 75 million spectators worldwide. The team embodies all the professionalism, dedication, and teamwork required to be part of the Canadian Army.

The maneuvers that the SkyHawks execute by bringing their parachutes close together require impeccable mastery and physical fitness. This discipline of close-proximity parachute flying is known as canopy contact within the skydiving community.

You will be amazed by the impressive feats of the SkyHawks at Volaria!

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