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Although the Saturday September 9th and Sunday September 10th airshows will feature the same pilots and demo teams, the order of performances will vary from day to day and some pilots will deliver different performances.

Saturday is the only day you can see the Volaria night show.

SATURDAY:          Airshow from 3:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. followed by a sound and light show with DJ TIZI.

SUNDAY:            Airshow from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.



The highlight of the air show during the second edition of Volaria will undoubtedly be the Thunderbirds team.

The six-aircraft demonstration performs formation flights and solo routines. The four-ship Diamond formation showcases the precision and training of US Air Force pilots, as well as the grace of the F-16. Both solos show the maximum power and capabilities of the mighty F-16 Fighting Falcon, a frontline fighter.

The Thunderbirds perform in front of people around the world to show the pride, precision, and professionalism that the United States Air Force represents. Through air shows and flyovers, they aim to inspire. In addition to showcasing the elite skills all pilots must possess, the Thunderbirds demonstrate the incredible capabilities of the Air Force’s premier multirole fighter, the F-16 Fighting Falcon.


The Canadian Armed Forces parachute team, the SkyHawks, is the only military parachute demonstration team in Canada. Our 15 members come from the Canadian Army and the Canadian Rangers.

The SkyHawks have proudly represented Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces since 1971. Over the years, they have performed in front of more than 75 million spectators worldwide. The team exemplifies the professionalism, dedication and teamwork required to be part of the Canadian Army.

The daring maneuvers the SkyHawks perform by bringing their parachutes close together require impeccable control and physical fitness. This discipline of close parachute flying is known as contact-gliding within the skydiving community.

You’re sure to marvel at the impressive SkyHawks tricks in Volaria!


Pete McLeod is a pilot who embodies passion and determination in the world of aviation. It was his father who introduced him to this passion for aviation by taking him on his travels from the age of 6.

Now supported by Red Bull, he pushes the limits of aeronautics with audacity and talent. This association makes him a true icon of aviation and a source of inspiration for thrill seekers around the world.

Pete McLeod is known for his dynamic and aggressive flying style combining stunning aerobatic maneuvers. He masters the art of defying gravity, chaining tight turns, loops and jaw-dropping barrel rolls.


The Aeroshell team is made up of 4 experienced pilots, each bringing their unique talent, creating an aerial symphony of precision, grace and audacity. The perfectly executed acrobatic figures and the palpable passion of the team make each Aeroshell show a breathtaking spectacle.

It is within their AT-6 Texan planes that they will be able to make the sky vibrate with their captivating aerial performance. Nicknamed “The Pilot Maker”, the North American AT-6 Texan first appeared in 1938. Originally designed as a base trainer for the United States Army Air Corps (USAAC), the Texan was the primary training platform for all American airmen during World War II.

The Aeroshell aerobatic team is one of the best civilian aerobatic training teams in North America. Their daytime show is absolutely incredible, their evening show, at dusk, is simply spectacular.

Don’t miss their night performance on Saturday September 9th and their daytime performance on Sunday September 10th!


Kyle Fowler literally grew up in the Airshow world, following in his father’s footsteps. From a very young age Kyle Fowler participated in his father’s performances as an announcer. He wasted no time in passing his airplane license as soon as he reached the minimum age allowed.

Kyle Fowler has always known what he wants to drive and it’s safe to say that he won’t go unnoticed at Volaria when he makes an appearance with his uniquely designed and sought-after Long EZ aircraft.


Adding to the already spectacular program of the second edition of Volaria is the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world: the F-35! And beware, it’s not one but FOUR F-35s that will take over the skies!

National Defense announced the acquisition of 88 F-35 fighters at the beginning of the year, this is the opportunity to come and see them in action! The F-35 is a single-seat military aircraft, designed for ground attack and air superiority missions. It has been developed since 1996 by the manufacturer Lockheed Martin.


You will have the chance to see demonstrations of tactical abseiling insertions and extractions from two CH-146 Griffon helicopters during the air show.

The CH-146 has several roles, such as utility and tactical transport, reconnaissance and attack, search and rescue, and other helicopter support tasks.


The Redline team is made up of a father (Ken Rieder) and a son (Austin Rieder) at the controls of an RV-8 and an Extra 330. Sometimes solo and sometimes in a duo, Redline pilots are virtuosos of the skies, creating a captivating and inspiring show that leaves audiences in awe every time.

You will have the chance to see their mind-blowing performance on Saturday in night mode incorporating the launch of fireworks in full flight. On Sunday, a spectacular daytime version will be presented to you.

Stay tuned, because Redline will make you see all the colors!

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